Community Heights has been a Newton fixture since the late 1940's - first on S 10th St E, then S 12th St E,

and at our current location - S 13th Ave E.

We are part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance family of churches,

a denomination that is based soundly on the Bible and committed to completing the Great Commission. 


Our Statement of Faith is that of the Alliance - focusing on the essentials of the Christian faith.

The Alliance believes we can have deep unity on our mission to reach people with the Good News of Jesus, while not getting caught up in nonessentials that will continue to be debated by good, godly people until Jesus returns.


The Alliance has a set of 7 Core Values that we hold to as a church - having to do with People, Prayer, Stewardship, God's Word, the Great Commission, the Holy Spirit, and taking Faith-filled Risks.




Our Mission as a church is given to us by Jesus:

To love God, to love our neighbor, and to make disciples. 

Emerging Generation

The emerging generation is a strategic

mission field right in our own backyard.

We strive to continuously engage children, students, young adults, and growing families

in order to reach our community with the

Good News of Jesus until He returns. 

Mobilize our Church

By mobilizing our congregation to #LoveNewton we aspire to address practical needs of people in our community. The church shouldn't just be different, we should MAKE a difference by truly loving Newton and the surrounding communities as we follow the example of Christ.

A Healing Place

We yearn to be a source of help, healing, and the hope that comes only through Jesus - to help the broken achieve freedom from their hurts and addictions, and to provide families with coaching and

essential resources for spiritual health.

Expand Our Reach

We endeavor to expand our reach into the world by equipping those from our own congregation who are willing to go out and make a difference in the world, and by partnering with our denomination to plant churches in our region.




Jeff Keady

Pastor Jeff is our Lead Pastor and has served our church since 2017.  He and his wife, Debbie, have four adult children and a

quiver full of grandchildren.  




Beau Church

Pastor Beau serves as the Associate Pastor of Worship and Visual Arts.  He is married to Jen and they have two daughters. He has served our church

since 2015. 


Londa Schnell

Londa has served as our Children's Ministries Director since 2015. She is married to Jason. They have three adult children, twins at home, and two grandchildren!  




Trenton McNeel

Trenton McNeel serves as our Student Ministries Pastor. He is married to Anna and they have four adorable kiddos. He has served our church since 2019.




Sarah Hanssen

Sarah is the newest member of our staff. She joined us in May 2023 and serves as Executive Assistant. She is married to Devin.


Darin Hutchinson

Darin serves as our building custodian. He has served since January 2023 and is married to Beth. 



Deidre Pearson

Deidre joined the staff in May 2019 and serves as our Communications Director/Office Manager 

She is married to Eric.


Paul Dawson

Paul serves as our media/IT director. He has served our church since 1999. He is married to Linda.




The Community Heights Elder Team works closely with the Pastoral Staff to oversee the church.

Chuck Jackson

Larry Rose

Dan Birkenholz

Jason Lauterbach

Jared Gerber

Jacob Parsons

Scott Bauer

Eric Pearson

Steve Rabedeaux